Download the Chordruler™, the chord chart, chord builder, and scale chart, all in one. It’s for guitar, fiddle, mandolin, viola, 5 string banjo, tenor banjo, ukulele, and bass. It’s Chordruler™ the easy to use chord and scale tool. “How do you measure up?”

You’ve always wanted to be able to build all types of chords, right? But you’ve always shied away from taking the big step to learn. You already have a bunch of chord books that you never have with you when you need them. And you are tired of Chord Charts, Chord wheels, and Guitar chord charts. You feel like you’re not making any progress. But you do want guitar chords, fiddle double stops, mandolin chords, banjo chords, ukulele, viola and bass chords and scales. Maybe just a chord finder. There are some great chord generators, guitar software, and chord formula pages. And lots of pages on chord theory. They are all good sources of information. But they won’t fit in your instrument case.

Step up, front and center, Chordruler™. Well your time has come! On this website you will learn how to build chords, how to use chords, and more. In less than 30 minutes you can make your own Chordruler™. And in another few minutes you will be on your way to being a chord expert. You say it’s not possible. Well take a few minutes and see that it is possible and in fact probable. Are you ready for this? It is fun making the Chordruler™ and it only takes a few minutes. And all you need is a printer, bet you have one of those; some scissors or other cutting tool like exacto knife or razor blade, straight edge might be handy, bet you have those, too; some scotch tape; and some plastic, like the stuff your strings came in or any other kind of clear plastic. Oh, yeah the hard part is figuring what instrument you want to make it for.

Well you can make them for lots of instruments. There is a Chordruler™ for violin, mandolin, guitar, tenor banjo, viola, cello, 5-string banjo, ukulele, electric bass, and bass fiddle. Not only can you build chords, but you can learn scales and transpose keys. And not just in the first position. All over the fingerboard! Well I have been using mine for a long time, longer than I will admit. If you build your Chordruler™ and find that you are amazed at how easy it is to use, you can make a donation.

Also there are some articles on using the Chordruler™, and a little music theory. The articles are meant to be informative and give you some guidance on building chords. So go on and look around and then make your own Chordruler™ or buy one (store closed till the fall, check back in October) and get started on your way to new musical heights. Get started now just pick out the instrument you want to make the Chordruler™ for.