You will become a chord expert!

Chord books are big, bulky and intimidating. But if you know the formulas you can build any chord, anywhere on the neck in a matter of seconds with the Chord Ruler TM. Music should be fun and easy. Now it is!

What you need:

A printer, regular printer paper, scissors or other cutting tool like an exacto knife or razor blade, straight edge,plastic sheeting(like what you strings come in), black felt marker, a little perseverance and less than half an hour.

To have your own Chord Ruler™ all you have to do is

  1. Go hereto pick out your instrument. Print out the chord sheet. Use the high quality printer settings or it will be blurry.If you don't have a color printer you can either color in the dots or just ignore the quick references to color.

  2. Cut some plastic (two layers), like the one your strings come in so that only one side is attached just like a book cover, (leave one side connected) or fold over a piece of plastic.

  3. Then follow the step by step figures on next page to build your ChordRuler™.

    This is all you need to start!